4 JUNE 2022


TATRAS introduces a new capsule collection in design collaboration with an LA-based street artist, The Art of Chase. Encapsulating the West Coast apparel for those who undoubtedly know how to rock the laid-back style, TATRAS and Chase’s uninhibited personas and flair for trendy and vintage essentials created a collection that is comfortable and a cool play on modern streetwear.

“I like using color because it is eye candy that produces a positive feeling and the eye symbol represents awareness that is within all of us.”

Known for his psychedelic murals that create a joyous disruption in the streets of LA, Chase is fueled by his mantra, “where there’s a wall, there’s a way.”

Having painted over 450 murals worldwide, Chase says, “The inspiration behind the designs starts with the walls I painted in the street. Everything starts in the street.” The graphic and positive aesthetic of his work adds to the urban landscapes and seeks to create a dialogue between city inhabitants.

Together, TATRAS and The Art Of Chase developed a California chic conversation that speaks to the streetwear connoisseur in you.


Welcome to the Golden State, where happiness is the motto. Messages and motifs are decoded in pieces like the Palmi hoodie, displaying a glitch smiley face. “I live in Los Angeles, so you'll feel psychedelic influences as well as a happy feeling that comes from living in the sun,” says Chase.

To match Chase’s iconic motif, the eye has been carried over from murals to merchandise. The Eylie t-shirt is inspired by the Notorious B.I.G. album cover; the eye represents awareness as king. Available in 2 colorways, the oversized silhouette is balanced perfectly when worn with TATRAS' slimmer silhouette pants.

All of Chase’s work in the streets is intended to be eye candy, providing a blast of color and energy. Some people say Chase’s artwork is as LA as the palm tree and this capsule collection’s t-shirts epitomize the coastal aesthetic signaling a nod and a play on his works. TATRAS selected a material that has some fades and gradient for a vintage-like feel. As per The Art of Chase's request, the collection pieces are garment-dyed creating a softer feel.


Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Chase’s first introduction to California was from 1987-1989, having briefly lived in Los Angeles. There he picked up his first love, skateboarding and the loud graphics of the city would shape his adolescence entirely after returning back to Antwerp. While skating in the street, he got a taste for graffiti and became a tagger, studying letterforms and color palettes, he grew mesmerized by the mysterious new medium, spray paint. Chase moved back to Los Angeles in the 90’s, it was there where his foray into the street art begun, offering a new mode of communications through imagery and uplifting text.

Chase wishes to make his audience happy through his works that are full of positive energy and joyful vibrant colors aiming to be “eye candy”.

The Art of Chase

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