High-quality materials, beautiful silhouettes, urban and sophisticated wear.

Inspired by the "sunset gradation"

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Capsule Collection for ResoRt

Exudes a relaxing mood, including items that TATRAS created with an original palm tree in the image of a sunset gradation, and a set of jacquard material woven in a monogram pattern with TATRAS's "T" as a motif. 

Relax feeling of TATRAS luxury

The clothing with sunset motif, which is a symbol of this collection, illustrates the palm trees all over.A classic illustration of a palm tree illuminated by the setting sun. We expressed depth by printing it on top of the monogram.The collection brings comfort mood every shingle day.

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Items highlights

TATRAS also offers matching cloth made from TATRAS monogram pattern fabric, open-collar shirts

with metal D-rings attached to the chest pockets and polo shirts with the same color logo.