André Saraiva

19 NOVEMBER 2022


TATRAS, in design collaboration with Paris-based graffiti tagger and artist André Saraiva, curates a capsule collection to paint over the streetwear culture by merging graffiti’s favorite figure, Mr. A into the fabrics of TATRAS.

TATRAS makes way in graffiti culture with its collaboration with a tagger, André Saraiva featuring his iconic character, MR. A.

TATRAS curates a capsule collection with Paris-based graffiti artist, André Saraiva.

His signature character, the now iconic MR. A has been painted over 300,000 times across 6 continents. André introduced the cheerful, top-hatted stick figure with a funny round face that boasts a huge smile and a wink to the streets.

Fueling André’s core mantra “Once graffiti is on the wall, it belongs to everyone”. Painting the town with his Mr. A character, André traveled the world, and he found his way back home by following the graffiti he had tagged that night.


André carries over his famous graffiti tag, the long-legged Mr. A from murals to merchandise with TATRAS that can be seen embossed on TATRAS apparel or reimagined as a rectangular for posters.

The eight-piece capsule collection includes down jackets with Mr. A patch, a stadium jacket with vegan leather sleeves and Mr. A snap button, a tracksuit setup, and more. All items are available in 2 colors, the TATRAS 22AW season color “blue” and urban “black”. The collaborative collection also sees a line of goods, only available in Japan, including a bowling bowl, bowling pin, neon sign, and posters.

With its whimsical expression, Mr. A spreads smiles and happiness as André 's alter-ego. Portraying the idea of "to be happy with TATRAS clothes, “TATRAS again presents a joyful experience, this collaboration encapsulates the positive message TATRAS and André wish to deliver to the world.


Outside of the field of art, André has also established himself as a hospitality business entrepreneur, opening hotels, nightclubs and restaurants.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, TATRAS hosted a “night bowling” event with an immersive pop-up featuring Mr. A bringing a “leisure” x “nightclub” experience to the guests. Inspired by André’s nightclub in Paris, the campaign and event encapsulated the neon lights and dim atmosphere of nightlife culture and spirit.

“Once graffiti is on the wall, it belongs to everyone.”

André Saraiva