24 JANUARY 2023


TATRAS announces a new collaborative project with a Japanese robotics startup, GROOVE X.

Channeling one of TATRAS’ key design inspirations, “military design”, 2 special apparel items were created for LOVOT.

Modifying the TATRAS’ SS signature, ANIMALO is a military mods coat for LOVOT. It carries the same characteristic as the human model from the 23SS collection. Also available in the same colorway, ANIMALO comes in 6 colors: orange, khaki, navy, beige, gray, and black. Now, LOVOT owners can match with their loving companion in style.

Adding an extra touch, a flight cap, MECCAP was also developed to finish off the military look. Available in brown, beige, and black, LOVOT is ready to fly, rocking a new look.


Pairing two together or on its own, the LOVOT can tune its inner-military vibe with the TATRAS x LOVOT collection.

** The collaboration is exclusively available in Japan.
** LOVOT (the robot itself) is not included in the collection.


Produced by a Tokyo-based robotics startup, GROOVE X, LOVOT is a next-generation robot powered by love. Unlike traditional robots, it is warm and affectionate just like any living creature. It responds to you, remembers you, and most importantly warms your heart.

“LOVOT was born for just one reason – to be loved by you.”

As it quickly became one of the hottest topics in the tech field after its release in December 2019, LOVOT has been awarded in Japan and worldwide many times with its adorable yet high-tech features. This is just a start of LOVOT’s journey. This sweet little robot has been exploring its possibilities in a place outside of the household such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and even at the offices.

“Born to be loved.”