TATRAS SS23 Collection

17 FEBRUARY 2023


TATRAS unveils its SS23 collection with a bold reimagining of the brand's signature style, modern maturity with a touch of military design essence. Directed by MAS Studio, the SS23 campaign depicts the timeless quality of TATRAS, serving as a nod to its roots and heritage.

Ready to face any elements, the performance-focused design reinforces the strength and confidence of those who wear it.

Demonstrated by the namely two campers, the SS23 campaign highlights the key strength of TATRAS garments, durability and versatility.

With the brand’s functional and technical superiority, all collection items are equally wearable outdoors as it is inside. Within its outdoor and military-inspired design, it holds a sense of modernity that perfectly blends in with cosmopolitan scenes.

Each detail adds further functionality and design element to the garment, distinguishing itself from the rest.


TATRAS’ signature style has been carried in the SS23 collection, paying homage to its roots and heritage. Modern elegance and maturity, the aesthetic that has been long associated with TATRAS are reinterpreted for the new season.

The vibrant orange color was picked as the dominant color, which reminisce of the refined unexpectedness in our daily lives. Also, TATRAS’ iconic washer fabric is updated with a new finishing approach. Following the ethos of the brand, eye-catching colors and striking silhouettes leave a lasting impression on those who encounter them.


Furthermore, with genderless design in mind, the collection challenges to blur the line between men’s and women’s collections. TATRAS women’s staple, no-collar jacket, is added to men’s collection lineup; and feminine design elements are incorporated into mod’s coats, to list a few.

Consequently, the collection seamlessly blends new and innovative thinking with TATRAS’ traditional strengths.


“With TATRAS, we are ready to face the elements.”

TATRAS SS23 Collection

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