The TATRAS Journey

31 January 2023

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As TATRAS celebrates its 15th year anniversary, we look back on the ideas and experiences that have shaped TATRAS to what it is today: a luxury outerwear brand renowned for innovation, quality, and design. What began as an entrepreneurial dream has transitioned into a world-class label catering to an international market — an exciting journey that encourages one to dream.

Designed with the cosmopolitan lifestyle in mind, the TATRAS approach is deeply rooted in quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

It all began in 2007, when an idea to develop high-quality outerwear through extensive research and through sourcing the best materials began to take shape. Backed by Japanese functionality, the best of Italian design and craftsmanship, and high-quality down from Poland — TATRAS was born.

The TATRAS name is derived from the Tatras mountain range in Poland, where our genuine goose down — CLASS1, the highest-ranked Polish goose down — comes from. Offering exceptional warmth and remarkable lightness, our down fillings feature 90% goose down and 10% feathers for unparalleled insulation.


TATRAS reinvents classic outerwear by fusing the best of style and functionality in our signature slim silhouette. Constructed to enhance and embrace the body’s natural curves and contours, our down jackets and coats are crafted from exclusive fabrics, designed in collaboration with some of the world’s most distinguished manufacturers, such as Loro Piana, Botto Giuseppe, and Limonta.

From ideation to completion, at the forefront of every TATRAS garment is the promise of high-performance wear. Through years of extensive research on Japanese technical fabrics and the highest quality wool from Italian mills, your comfort and protection against the most extreme weather conditions are always guaranteed.

Functional finishing touches such as sustainable fur trims are added onto some styles, adding extra protection from cold climate conditions. Our supplier, Saga Furs, has an extensive range of beautiful furs and shares the same high-quality standards that we are proud to uphold.


Continuing to push the creative and innovative boundaries between fashion and functionality, TATRAS designs for the ever-evolving demands and needs of our modern world.

While TATRAS was first launched in its native Japan in 2007, it has since expanded to Italy, the rest of Europe, the USA, and throughout other countries in Asia — a significant milestone achieved in 15 years through an inspiring pursuit of passion, teamwork, human connections, and a dedication to superior craftsmanship.


“TATRAS designs for the ever-evolving demands and needs of our modern world.”

The Tatras Journey

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